INDIAN BLESSING Beyond Snáck Natural Kerala Banana Chips Healthy and Delicious Flavoured Snacks- No Hand Touch- Peri Peri Flavour 600gms WITH free GARDEN OF NUTRITION TULSI Drops 30 ml (pack of 1) Immunity Booster A Unique Blend of HOLY BASILS



AUTHENTIC KERALA BANANA - Kerala banana chips are really special because of its taste, texture, and experience it provides. The secret behind all the above attributes is the variety of banana used for making chips. it is an exclusive variety of banana called Nendran that grows in Kerala. Its thick flesh with rich in fiber is perfect for banana chips. Beyond Snack Kerala Banana chips are made of these nendran bananas. FRESH, LITERALLY FARM FRESH - Best snacking experience can be provided only when these nendran bananas should be separated from plantain plants at a specific maturity and convert to chips as early as possible. Since Beyond Snack procures directly from the set of partnered farmers we have better control over this, so at a predefined maturity, that are desirable for best banana chips these bananas are separated together and converted into chips on the same day.


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