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Aug 2019

Home Remedies for Ascites
Ascites is a situation where fluid is build up in the peritoneal cavity or abdomen. This fluid move around the chest cavity that move around the lungs & causes difficulty in breathing. It makes pressure on the diaphragm that presses the lungs. In most of the cases liver cirrhosis is mainly responsible for ascites. But in some cases cancers also affect organs like stomach, pancreas, breast, & colon that further lead to ascites. The symptoms that are seen in ascites patients are abdomen enlargement, swelling in the legs, bloating, indigestion, weight gain, nausea, vomiting, & breathing difficulty while lying down. For the treatment of ascites people use to take diuretics but its long term use is not good. Instead of these medicines always go with natural & effective home remedies easily available at home.
1) Garlic
The garlic is a natural herb that have many medicinal properties. Regular use of this herb reduces tenderness & bloating related with ascites patients. It also possess anti-cancer properties that reduces the unwanted growth of cells.
How to use:
Take three to four cloves of garlic & prepare a juice of it.
On an empty stomach take half teaspoonful of this juice.
You can also do one thing chop the garlic into fine pieces & take it with a glass of water early in the morning on an empty stomach.
2) Ginger
Ginger is also another medicinal herb that is easily available at home. It is a natural diuretic that remove extra water from the body. This water is removed in the form of urine. Ginger treat the edema naturally.
How to use:
Prepare herbal ginger tea by crushing fresh ginger.
Now put two cup of water in it. Boil it until remaining half cup.
Strain the water, add honey in it for taste. Drink this warm herbal tea once or twice daily.
3) Fenugreek Seeds
Fenugreek is an ancient herb that is used for all types of abdomen problems. It is also seen that fenugreek show hepatoprotective as well as anti-cancer effects on the body. This herb reduces inflammation, edema, pain, & eliminate free radicals from the body.
How to use:
Take a teaspoonful of Fenugreek seeds. Put it in a glass of water overnight.
On the next day strain the mixture, early in the morning drink this water on an empty stomach.
This water is good for your health.
4) Radish
Radish is a good vegetable for all types of liver diseases that acts as a natural detoxifier. It is considered as best solution for dealing with your ascites problem.
How to use:
Prepare fresh juice of radish, if it is too strong that add few amount of water in it.
Now drink this juice once daily on an empty stomach.
This juice will provide relief from ascites problem.
5) Onions
Onions is a herb that is well known for its medicinal properties. It is a natural diuretic that helps in eliminating extra fluid & remove toxins from the body.
How to use:
you can prepare fresh juice of onion & take one teaspoonful twice daily on an empty stomach.
You can also add onions in your meal.
Eat raw onions as it is good for your health.
6) Punarnava
Punarnava is a wonderful herb for ascites patients due to its diuretic & expectorant effect on the body. This herb is good for health.
How to use:
Take the roots of Punarnava herb & make fine powder of it.
Store this powder in a container.
Take a teaspoonful of this herb with a glass of lukewarm water.
7) Horsegram
Horsegram is an effective home remedy for treating ascites. It is an instant diuretic that acts as a tonic. These grams are less in sodium that helps to eliminate extra fluid that is accumulated in the abdomen.
How to use:
Take half cup of horsegram wash them well & soak it in water overnight.
In the morning rinse the water, boil the horsegram in a pressure cooker for ten minutes. After that in a saucepan roast black peppercorn, tomato, & garlic for few minutes and add it in the mixture of horsegram.
Once cool down make a paste of it. Add some fresh coriander to it. After that warm this soup for few minutes. Have this warm soup once daily.
You can use any of the above home remedy as per your convenience to get good results. As these are easily available at home and can use any of the above.